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When you are moving to a new country there are a lot if things that you need to arrange and apply for before you can actually move to the country. Even though moving within the European Union should be fairly simple in most cases it is just not as simple as people say it will be.


When you are moving to a country that you know the language well enough you will find the process a bit easier to go through then when you are moving to a country that has a language that you do not know proficient enough. The forms that you need to fill out are now in English as well. Yet when you are sending your paperwork in the immigration officers might not understand English very well . Which can be frustrating for you as the paperwork might get send back to you because of an error on the papers.


When you are moving to another country you will need a residence visa portugal is one of those countries where you will need such visa. There are different types of residency visa's. You will have to choose which one is going to apply to you. There are 3 categories that you can choose from. When filing the petition you will need to send in 2 copies of the paperwork. If something would happen to the original they still have a copy that they, meaning the immigration office, to work with.

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The first category is for individuals that are intending to resettle permanently in Portugal. This can be as a private person but also as a business. If you are applying a private person there a few things that the immigration office needs to know about you. First of all they will want to know if you have any prior conviction for any sort of crime. Also needed is your birth certificate those two are 2 pieces of paper that you need to have in. The third piece of evidence that they want is a mariage certificate. You need to proof that you are married to a Portuguese national. There are few rules to this as well. If you are married longer then 2 years you will not need to renew your resident permit for a while. If it is less then 2 years you will have to renew the permit in 2 years time.

The second category that is for relatives of Portuguese citizens. Think about a husband or a wife that will come and life with the Portuguese national.

The third type is the visa that will allowed close relatives of the permanent resident of Portugal to come and life in the southern European country.

Home address in Portugal

When you are applying for these visa's it is imperative that you have a permanent address in Portugal where you will be living. If you are married to a Portuguese national that will not be a big issue but if you are resettling in Portugal you will first need a home before you can apply for the visa and have a higher success rate of getting the visa approved.